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Leland Mock Election Rally

On 10/30/2012, by Vanessa Ferguson, at Leland, Michigan

Michigan Government Television (MGTV) coordinated a statewide mock election that culminated in a rally in the city of Leland. The rally included over 800 students from high schools across the region. Over 5,800 students in Michigan voted in the MGTV Mock Election.

We're Never Too Young to be Involved

On 10/29/2012, by Tracy Goodwin, at Cottondale, Florida

This voting booth was created for the students to get a feel of the privacy given for real voting. The students also filled out a registration card, then placed their presidential choice ballot in a secret envelope. They thoroughly enjoyed this project.

Summit Christian Students Voting!

On 10/31/2012, by Jackie Gonzalez, at West Palm Beach, FL

5th-8th Graders at SCS in West Palm Beach, FL had a great time voting for their candidates and creating 'I Voted' stickers! They celebrated the day by wearing their 'red, white, and blue' beads!

Puerto Rico Secretary of Education supervises the Student Vote

On 11/01/2012, by Ramon Barquin, at Puerto Rico

Hon. Edward Moreno, Puerto Rico Secretary of Education, supervises how high school students speak out and vote. Over 315,000 students voted in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Cochrane Colts Election Day

On 11/01/2012, by Michael Glover, at Charlotte, NC

From Democratic To Republicans, Cochrane Colts Wait Patiently In Line To Let There Voice Be Heard! My Voice, My Election.

Cast Your Ballot

On 11/02/2012, by Lisa Monroe, at Washington

4th grade participating in the school mock election.

Youth Vote 2012

On 11/06/2012, by Cari Boltz Zawodny, at Anchorage, AK

Students at Begich Middle School in Anchorage Alaska get excited about NSME!

Students Checking into the Polls

On 11/01/2012, by Brett Hansen, at Emmetsburg, Iowa

Students signing in to vote and giving the election official their voter registration cards!!

Making Our Votes Count!

On 11/05/2012, by Julietta Arredondo/Pete Gurrola, at El Paso, TX

Students at Vista del Sol Elementary from Kindergarten through 5th grade cast their secret ballot for the Presidential election. Then 5th graders worked to tally the results.

Wellman Elementary Mock Election

On 11/06/2012, by Denise Busch, at Wellman, Iowa

Two hundred fifty-two K-5th grade students and faculty at Wellman Elementary (IA) voted in our mock election. 4th grade students ran the polls using iPads to cast votes. Romney won with 122 votes to Obama's 112 (19 votes going to other parties).

5th Graders at their Polling Booths

On 10/26/2012, by Ms. Gough, at Mill Valley, CA

Snapshot of students in our polling simulation. All students lined up outside the room, waiting to enter. After giving their name and signing in, they were directed to private polling booths. After voting, students received an I Voted sticker to commemorate their civic participation. The election culminated a month of election studies.

Ms. Nickels Prepares for Voters

On 11/06/2012, by Valerie Cervantez, at San Carlos, Arizona

Ms. Nickels, 1st Grade Mentor Teacher at SanCarlos Primary School is waiting to open the polls for excited 1st Grade Students. This is the culminating activity of a two week election unit.

San Carlos 1st Grade

On 11/06/2012, by Valerie Cervantez, at San Carlos, Arizona

First Grade Students at Rice Primary School in SanCarlos Arizona use netbooks to vote.

Decisions, Decisions!

On 10/31/2012, by Cathy Short, at Germantown, TN

Bodine Student makes tough decision in presidential election.

Our 2012 Election Booth

On 11/05/2012, by Julie Ann Heltsley, at Edgewater, Maryland

One of Edgewater Elementary School's amazing parents contributed to our students' 2012 election experience, by building this voting booth for us. The kids loved it!

SAISD Jefferson HS

On 11/05/2012, by Dustin Domingue, at San Antonio, TX

A mock election for students is being held in the library!

An Excited 6th Grader Casts Her Ballot

On 11/2/2012, by James Heffron, at Boston, MA

Over 200 students (4th-8th) voted at the Joyce Kilmer, a Boston Public School.


On 11/2/2012, by Becky Naughton, at Summit, IL

Students vote on computers in the polling place.

Door to Vote

On 11/2/2012, by Becky Naughton, at Summit, IL

Signs mark the polling place for students to cast their ballots.

Students Voting Electronically

On 11/2/2012, by Becky Naughton, at Summit, IL

Students work at the computers to cast their votes for president and Congress.

YMCA GO Club Voters in Tulsa

On 10/31/2012, by Summer Knox, at Tulsa, OK

Ten YMCA of Greater Tulsa GO Club sites participated in the National Student Mock Election over the last week. Our main goal was enlightening students about the voting process and the importance of every individual vote. Great job to all the GO Staff for making this happen!

Rocking the Vote

On 11/02/2012, by Crystal Green, at Kennewick, WA

Civic Duty


On 11/02/2012, by Crystal Green, at Kennewick, WA

Finishing voting online.

Mari and Fernando

On 11/02/2012, by Crystal Green, at Kennewick, WA

Students rocking the vote!

Election 2012

On 11/06/2012, by Jenifer Jensen, at Oshkosh, WI

4th graders enter a polling booth and make their selection for President and Congressional leaders. They voted on these and political issues earlier in Computer Lab on National Student Mock Election.


On 11/01/2012, by Tracy Klug, at Crystal, MN

Students voting at the polls.

Accokeek Academy Gets the Vote Out!

On 11/01/2012, by Nina Huff, at Accokeek, Maryland

After many classroom lessons, discussions, and current events, Accokeek Academy students were finally ready to vote in The National Mock Election. Lines have been forming at the Accokeek Academy Polls, for early voting to commence. For the first time, in the school’s history, students received an opportunity to demonstrate their civic duty.

Online Voting

On 11/01/2012, by Julie A. White, at Dorchester, MA

At the Edward Everett the students in Grades K-5 studied about the presidential candidates and their views. Compared the candidates and then wrote letters to the candidates that they would be voting for during the election. The students also wrote letters to their parents encouraging them to vote on November 6, 2012. Every Vote Counts

Edward Everett Students K-5 Vote

On 10/30/2012, by Julie A. White, at Dorchester, MA

The students in kindergarten through fifth grade participated in a mock paper ballot and online election over the course of four days. 'I am so proud that I am able to vote and share my point of view with my family. We learned a lot about each candidates.' N.R. 3rd grade

Election at Park

On 11/02/2012, by Crystal Green, at Kennewick, WA

Here's the students waiting to vote in the voting booths.

Registration Desk

On 11/02/2012, by Crystal Green, at Kennewick, WA

This was the official voter registration desk. Students filled out voter registration cards.

2012 Mock Election @ Gillett Secondary School

On 11/01/2012, by Michele, at Gillett, WI

We offered two polling stations and held the vote in the school library.

Rock the Vote!!

On 11/01/2012, by Michelle Harwood, at New Braunfels, TX

Fifth grade students at Walnut Springs Elementary in New Braunfels, TX hosted the National Student Mock Election for their entire campus. They really Rocked the Vote!

Student Votes

On 11/05/2012, by Tracey Csatlos, at Sharon, PA

Making our voices heard for more photos check out our school districts homepage

Sharon City SD Mock Election

On 11/05/2012, by Tracey Csatlos, at Sharon, PA

Students in grades 4-12 were invited and encouraged to vote National Student Mock Election this was our voting booth.

MSE 2012

On 11/01/2012, by Charlotte Patterson, at Arlington, TX

Mrs. Carter's kindergarten class proudly wave their flags after casting their vote in the Mock Student Election at Thelma Jones Elementary in Arlington, TX.

We're good enough to eat, but not good enough to vote?

On 11/01/2012, by Ric Fullerton, at U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll/Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

As part of a humorous political skit, food products protest the fact they are being denied the right to vote. To the amusement of the crowd at Kwajalein Jr/Sr High School’s political rally, the main protagonists eventually discover that their situation is not due to their status as food, but is a result of their failure to register.

Let's Get This Party Rockin'!

On 11/01/2012, by Ric Fullerton, at U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll/Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

Students at Kwajalein Jr/Sr High School wave flags and cheer in anticipation of the start of their election day political rally.

Governor Romney Addresses the Crowd

On 11/01/2012, by Ric Fullerton, at U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll/Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

Under the watchful eye of the secret service, Governor Romney addresses the student body at Kwajalein Jr/Sr High School's political rally. The mistress of ceremonies and President Obama listen intently as the governor attempts to convince students to vote for him. Kwaj High is located on a military base in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Exeter H.S. Government Club

On 10/31/2012, by Jackie Catcher, at Exeter, New Hampshire

Students rocked the vote at Exeter High School’s Mock Election hosted by the EHS Government Club. The election gave students a realistic perspective on the voter process. Students signed in, filled out their ballot in a voter booth, and cast their vote for both the presidential and state elections.

Campaign Speeches and Voting In NC

On 11/01/2012, by Shawn Hodges, at Connelly Springs, NC

The Title I Reading Students at our school researched the platforms of Romney and Obama. Using their notes they wrote speeches, and 22 students delivered the speeches to 11 different classrooms the day before the election. One final speech was given on the news the day of the mock election.

I Voted

On 11/01/2012, by Michael Glover, at Charlotte, NC

One Student At Cochrane Collegiate Academy Shows That They Voted!

Candidates Welcome Voters

On 11/01/2012, by John M. Costa, at New Bedford, MA

Fifth-graders Ethan Bergantim, 12, as Mitt Romney, and Christian Cote, 10, as President Barack Obama, greet first-graders as they make their way to the voting booths during the Congdon Elementary School mock election Thursday in New Bedford. photo taken by Peter Pereira/The Standard-Times.

You Just Voted!

On 10/30/2012, by Paula Pierre, at Houston, TX

At Burbank Middle School, students flocked to the polls and voted in their first presidential election. Voter registration were issued by their History Teachers in order students to participate in the National Student Mock Election. During lunch students proudly cast their ballots for their favorite candidate. Way to go Eagles!

Incumbent and Challenger

On 11/01/2012, by Lori Silveira, at New Bedford, MA

The candidates enjoy our Mock Election. Now this is bipartisanship!


On 11/01/2012, by Michele Durgin, at Lynn, MA

Students at SMH check in at voting polls during lunch. Ballots included presidential,senatorial and congressional candidates,along with questions 2 and 3.

We Voted!

On 11/01/2012, by Mia Mora, at Los Lunas, NM

Students in grades K-6 voted all week long as part of the National Mock Election. Kinders and First graders voted using a paper ballot and the older students voted online at the NME website. All the children were proud and excited to vote!

The Keeper of the Checklist

On 11/01/2012, by Mary Coombs, at Rye, New Hampshire

Students go through the checklist before casting their ballot in the National Mock Election at the Rye Junior High.

3rd Graders Cast Their Vote!

On 11/01/2012, by Sami Custer, at Shreveport, LA

These 3rd Graders show their patriotism during our Election Celebration by wearing I Voted Today! buttons after casting their vote in the Mock Election. They've spent the past two weeks conducting research projects about the candidates and learning about the election process.

We Just Voted!!

On 10/30/2012, by Kerrie Ryan, at Hull, MA

This is a fourth grade class that just completed voting in our mock election.

Jacobs School Mock Election

On 10/30/2012, by Kerrie Ryan, at Hull, MA

This is a picture of our polls.

SJHS Poll Workers

On 10/31/2012, by Terrie Dalton, at Sweetwater, Tennessee

Students from SJHS's Desktop Publishing class took turns manning the polls and checkiing off registered voters as students presented their voter IDs before being allowed into voting area.

Sweetwater Jr. High Votes in Mock Election

On 10/31/2012, by Terrie Dalton, at Sweetwater, Tennessee

On October 31st SJHS students voted in the National Mock Election during their American History and World Geography.

Learning Voting Vocab Words!

On 11/01/2012, by Mary Machart, at Culbertson, MT

Culbertson Jobs for Montana's Graduates High School students made posters with vocabulary words affiliated with the election and hung them in the hallway. Not only are elementary students stopping to read them, but High School and adults as well!


On 10/25/2012, by Como Montessori Fort Worth ISD, at Fort Worth, Texas

Four major candidates in the foyer.

Making My Vote Count!

On 10/30/2012, by Beth L Welke, at Blair, NE

Kids voting in Nebraska!

Voting at School

On 10/30/2012, by Beth L Welke, at Blair, NE

K-3 students at Deerfield Primary School vote!

I Voted!

On 10/30/2012, by Beth L Welke, at Blair, NE

Students at Deerfield Primary

Voting in Alaska

On 11/01/2012, by Ashley Kaplan, at Manokotak, Alaska

A third-grade student participates in the mock election by voting in a booth borrowed from the city office. Students in grades 2 through 12 voted at Manokotak Nunaniq School. The high school Civics class ran the election in the school library.

Voter Lines

On 10/25/2012, by Michael Hopper, at Jacksboro, TN

This was one of the lines for early voting at Jacksboro Middle in East Tennessee. Great turnout!

Vote 2012

On 10/31/2012, by Rebecca Perrin, at Fiskdale, MA

Making vote videos! Over 100 of Ms. Perrin's 7th and 8th grade students at Tantasqua Junior High produced 60 second commercials encouraging young people to vote! Classes also completed several election related activities. The entire school (600 plus students) was able to watch the videos, register and vote in the school wide mock election.

Rockin' Teachers

On 10/31/2012, by Rebecca Huff, at Fort Necessity, LA

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Huff hosted a mock election for their 4th and 5th graders this year at Ft. Necessity Jr. High in Ft. Necessity, LA.

Senior Kindergarten students vote

On 10/31/2012, by Cindy Brock, at Memphis, TN

Senior Kindergarten students vote in the National Mock Election with the help of 6th grade students.

PDS 3rd graders Rock the Vote!

On 10/31/2012, by Cindy Brock, at Memphis, TN

3rd grade students voting during the National Mock Election.

Fourth Graders Lead Mock Election

On 10/30/2012, by Kara Lynn Greenfield, at Arlington, Texas

Fourth grade GT Study Group students conducted the Student Mock Election for R. F. Patterson Elementary in Kennedale ISD. The GT students manned the polls as almost 400 students, grades K-4, cast their ballots. Prior to the Mock Election, Study Group students researched candidates and issues and made presentations to classes throughout the school.

Which do I vote for?

On 10/31/2012, by Cindy Martin, at Dierks, Arkansas

A student in my AP US History class is trying to decide which candidate to vote for in the Dierks High School mock election.

All Dressed Up to Vote

On 10/31/2012, by Stephanie Smith, at Fort Necessity, LA

4th graders at Fort Necessity Jr. High Voted today!

Voting Southern Belle

On 10/31/2012, by Rebecca Huff, at Fort Necessity, LA

Our 4th and 5th graders voted today, on Halloween, for their next president and issues important to them.

Casting his very 1st vote!

On 10/30/2012, by Frank Hackbarth, at Marysville, WA

This was our first student to cast votes in our 'homemade' election booth for our 4th grade class. Although he casts his vote via computer all the students loved the idea of the 'personal' and private voting booth.

Boys dressed to vote 2012

On 10/30/2012, by Frank Hackbarth, at Marysville, WA

Some of the boys dressed up to take part in their very 1st Mock Election of 2012.

Girls Voting 4th Grade Mock Election

On 10/30/2012, by Frank Hackbarth, at Marysville, WA

These girls dressed the part in their red, white and blues as they prepared to go into our 4th grade voting booth in 2012 election.

A 'Homemade' Sterling Display of Presidential Choices

On 10/30/2012, by Frank Hackbarth, at Marysville, WA

On our 4th Grade Mock Election day every was encouraged to dress up by displaying their personal choices in this year's Presidential election. One of our students created his own tee-shirt displaying the dilemma many were faced with.

High School Students Vote in Stockton, CA

On 10/30/2012, by Rachel West, at Stockton, CA

Stockton Early College Academy students from grades 9-12 watched student-created informational videos, then cast their online votes in the computer lab over two days at lunch.

Mock Election 2012

On 10/25/2012, by Shelia McWhorter, at Tamassee, SC

Students at Tamassee-Salem Elementary in Tamassee, South Carolina conducted and participated in a mock election.

Don't Be A Dummy: VOTE!!!

On 10/30/2012, by Beth Malapanes, at Tucson, AZ

Our library mannequin spreading the word about voting.

Newseum Decision Day 2012

On 10/27/2012, by Stacey Finkel, at Washington, DC

Students from across the country came to the Newseum's Decision Day 2012 and voted in the My Voice National Student Mock Election.

Hard at work at the Mock Election Headquarters

On 10/24/2012, by Aliza Pai, at Mill Valley, CA

Julia and Michelle are busy at My Voice National Student Mock Election headquarters, getting everything ready for the start of the Mock Election.

Making Political Buttons at KJSHS

On 10/17/2012, by Ric Fullerton, at Republic of the Marshall Islands

Committee members at Kwajalein Junior/Senior High School (KJSHS) are busy making political buttons, which will be handed out as part of the voter registration process.

Forsyth County Schools (Georgia)

On 10/29/2010, by Michelle Webb, at Forsyth, Georgia

In addition to participating in the National Student Mock Election, Forsyth County Schools (GA) is piloting an Election Learning Adventure in their new NOBLE (New Opportunities for Better Learning Environments) Virtual World, an interactive 3-D immersive environment in which students become avatars. Check out the virtual billboard (see photo).

2010 Student Election Rally

On 10/29/2010, by Michelle Webb, at Northwestern Michigan

Students in Michigan will hold their own student election rally where they will meet candidates and hear them speak, and appear on Michigan Government Television. Photo from 2010 Rally.

The Election 2012 Information Corner in the KJSHS library

On 10/17/2012, by Ric Fullerton, at The Republic of the Marshall Islands

The students and staff at Kwajalein Junior/Senior High School (KJSHS) are busy preparing for the upcoming National Student Mock Election. From October 18 to October 31, KJSHS- Election 2012 Student Committee will be encouraging all students to seek out information regarding the presidential candidates and issues.